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What Is The Cost Of Cremation In Arkansas?


What Is The Cost Of Cremation In Arkansas?

Published: February 23, 2018 by Vilonia Funeral Home

Many people search the internet to find out what the cost of a cremation is in Arkansas. This blog can help you understand cremation costs, why some places charge thousands of dollars for cremation, and others offer cremation services for less than a thousand dollars.

The Cost Of A Cremation At A Corporate Owned Funeral Home In Arkansas

Corporate owned funeral homes in Arkansas are usually among the most expensive funeral homes. Corporate owned funeral homes are usually owned by stockholders. The model of any such corporation is to drive profits to their shareholders. 

Don't be fooled into thinking that the funeral home in your local town is a family owned funeral home. Many times, the family sold the funeral home to a large corporation years ago. The large corporation will keep the family name of the business, and sometimes the former owners become employees, but the firm is far from being privately owned.

The largest corporations owning funeral homes in Arkansas are: Service Corporation International (SCI) and Denver Roller Corporation based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Other corporations are: Carriage Services Incorporated, Stonemor Partners, and other smaller corporations.

The Cost Of A Cremation At A Family Owned Funeral Home In Arkansas

The cost of a basic direct cremation in Arkansas at a family owned funeral home can range from $995.00 to $2,500.00. There are several reasons why a family owned funeral home can help your family better than a corporate owned funeral home. 

First, if you are working within a budget, you can usually work with a family-owned funeral home easier than a large corporation. If all you have to pay is one thousand dollars, a family-owned business will better be able to making that happen for you.

Secondly, the family-owned funeral home will be involved in the local community where you live. Their families are a part of the local school systems, local fraternal organizations, and civic clubs. You will have an opportunity to get to know the people that are handling the arrangements.

Lastly, the family-owned funeral homes in Arkansas offer a more personal service. Family owned funeral homes are not responsible for managing 1,200 funeral homes around the globe. They are focused on just a few local communities. They serve each family as their own family. Each family becomes a part of their family, and not just another number or case.

Before you buy a cremation in Arkansas, call around and ask the funeral home who the owner is. Can you speak to the owner? Can you call them or sit down and visit with them if there is a problem? This is how you will know that you are truly dealing with a family-owned funeral home.

The Cost Of A Cremation At A "Discount Funeral Home" in Arkansas

The cheapest place to buy a direct cremation in Arkansas is a "Discount Funeral Home". The discount funeral homes are also known as "Direct Disposition Companies". A direct disposition company focuses on the disposal of the body as quickly as possible. 

While some of these companies will conduct funeral services, and memorial services, their main business model is to make a profit on volume instead of services.  How many cremations can they do in a month? It is not uncommon for some of these "Discount Providers" to do a hundred or more cremations each month.

Unlike the family-owned funeral homes that focus on providing the best service to each family, when you choose a discount funeral home, your family and loved one can be viewed as only a number.

Some of these discount funeral services in Arkansas are advertising a direct cremation for $550.00. If this is the option you choose, just remember that you get what you pay for. The cheapest option is not always the best option. Here are few things you should consider before contacting the "Cheap Discount Provider".
  1. Can I identify the body in your facility (at not additional cost) before the cremation to make sure that you are cremating the correct person? (unfortunately, in Arkansas, some of these low-cost providers have cremated bodies that were supposed to be buried and embalmed bodies that were supposed to be cremated. The reason for this is because many times the low-cost provider can afford to let everyone identify each body, and due to the volume of many of these businesses, they don't have the time to.
  2.  Can you witness the cremation? Some  crematories will allow you to witness the cremation.
  3. Read the online reviews of the company. Facebook, google reviews, yelp reviews, etc will provide the past experiences of other customers. Taking a few moments to read these reviews, could save your family a lot of additional head-aches down the road.
  4. Is a third-party company picking up my loved one? What identification procedures do you have in place? Where is the crematory located?
Regardless if you choose a corporate owned funeral home, a family-owned funeral home, or a direct disposition company to handle a cremation in Arkansas, the cost can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Buyer beware! Do your homework on each company. Contact the Arkansas State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers and ask if there have been any complaints. Has the company been sold recently? Did they used to operate under another name, but was closed by the state for negligence? All of these questions can usually be answered by doing a little homework. Another great resource is the Better Business Bureau in Arkansas.

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