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Do You Think The Cost Of A Funeral Is Outrageous?


Do you think the cost of a funeral is outrageous? 

Published: January 29, 2017 by Vilonia Funeral Home

You probably answered yes. You may be surprised that we do also! There are some tips we want to share with you when looking for a funeral home that is affordable.

1. First, you may want to stay away from the cheapest funeral home provider out there. Some companies are more 'Direct Disposition Companies'. Many of these companies dont stay in business long, and some have a very bad reputation. Many do not focus on celebration of life ceremonies or Funeral Services. They aim to make a profit on volume than on individual personal service.. This can pose a problem for many families because in some cases the quality of service suffers. You probably want to choose a funeral home that will show the upmost respect and dignity when handling a loved one. The old saying, you get what you pay for could never be more true here. If you feel you must use one of these places, do your homework first. Look at their google reviews. Look at their Facebook reviews. Make an onsite inspection. Are customers having bad experiences? Buyer Beware! If customers are having a great experience and you feel comfortable then go for it. I will say the same about long standing traditional funeral homes in a community. A simple google search of their reviews can save your family a lot of extra heartache. 

2. Shop around. Funeral prices can vary from one location to another by several thousands of dollars. Ask for a Price List at each location. The law requires a funeral home to give you one without question. 

3. Look for a locally owned independent firm. Just ask the question, are you privately local owned? Can you speak to the owner? If you can't ever talk to the owner, chances are your dealing with a high priced corporate conglomerate. You may want to move on. 

4. Before you make arrangements tell the Funeral Director how much you have to spend and ask if they can plan a service within that budget. If they can't or are not willing to help you, then you may need to call someone else. 

5. Only pay for the things you need. You may want to stay away from the packages offering things you don't want or need. Then again, sometimes a package can save you money. Rule of thumb is do your homework and ask a lot of questions. 

6. Is the funeral home or cremation service always trying to upsell? Do you feel like you have just walked into a used car lot? This may be a sign you are at the wrong funeral home. A funeral director should always put the needs of a family before their own bottom line. 

7. The best way to eliminate spending too much at a Funeral Home is to shop around and pre-arrange before the time of need comes. For more information about the affordable services at Vilonia Funeral Home please call 501-796-2275. Visit our website at https://www.viloniafuneralhome.com

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