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Do You Have To Buy A Casket For Cremation?


Do You Have To Buy A Casket For Cremation?

Published: November 5, 2018, by Vilonia Funeral Home

Many times people will ask the question, do you have to buy a casket for cremation? While there a lot of funeral homes that will try to sell you a casket, there is no law requiring that you purchase a casket for cremation. The law in Arkansas does require that remains be placed in a cremation container unless already in a casket prior to the cremation. Read the Rules Here.

The Arkansas State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers defines a cremation container as, "The container in which the human remains are placed in the cremation chamber for a cremation and which should be required by the cremation authority if the remains are not in a casket. A cremation container should meet substantially all of the following standards: 1. Be composed of readily combustible materials suitable for cremations; 2. Be able to be closed in order to provide a complete covering for the human remains; 3. Be resistant to leakage or spillage; 4. Be rigid enough for handling with ease; and 5. Be able to provide protection for the health, safety and personal integrity of crematory personnel."

Most of the time, a cremation container, also known as an alternative container is composed of cardboard or fiberboard that is combustible and cost anywhere from 25.00 - 300.00 depending on the funeral home you choose, and the type of container that is chosen.

So one may ask, how does a cremation container differ from a casket? First of all, a casket is going to cost a thousand plus dollars compared to a cremation container. A casket will be decorated with line interior suitable for a viewing or funeral. Caskets are constructed of steel, bronze, copper, hardwood, and veneer while cremation containers are constructed of cardboard or fiberboard. 

The Federal Trade Commission which governs all funeral homes and cremation services in the United States says the following. "No state or local law requires the use of a casket for cremation. A funeral home that offers cremations must tell you that alternative containers are available, and must make them available. They might be made of unfinished wood, pressed wood, fiberboard, or cardboard." Read the entire Funeral Rule here.


A Basic Cremation Container

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A Container Suitable For Viewing

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