Why Choose Cremation?

Cremation has become an increasing popular alternative to burials. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the cremation rate in the United States is expected to increase from 51.7% in 2017 to 78.7% in 2040. The rising number of cremations can be attributed to changing consumer preferences, weakening religious prohibitions, cost considerations and environmental concerns.

Many people do not understand that choosing cremation offers a variety of service options than traditional burial. With cremation, you can have a traditional "open casket" visitation and funeral with cremation following the services, a memorial service, or celebration of life can be held after the cremation, or a family can choose to have no services at all. In addition to service options, services can usually be held anywhere. The cremation memorial service can be in an intimate gathering in your home, a private club, country club, restaurant, or any other place.

At Vilonia Funeral Home and Cremation, we are confident that our professional cremation planners will help you plan the perfect cremation with or without ceremonies. 

Do You Have To Purchase A Casket For Cremation?

You do not have to purchase a casket for cremation. In fact, If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials (with or without an outside covering). The containers we provide are cardboard. 

Alternative Cardboard Container Used For Direct Cremations At Vilonia Funeral Home

An Alternative Cardboard Container 

Can We Have A Private Viewing Before Cremation?

We believe that having a moment to say goodbye is essential to beginning the healing process. This is why, we encourage you to have a private family viewing before cremation. While not required by law, in some certain cases, embalming may be necessary. We also recommend choosing an alternative container that is suitable for a private family viewing (not required by law).

Alternative Container Suitable For Viewing A Body before cremation.

An Alternative Container Suitable For Viewing

What Is A Rental Casket?

At Vilonia Funeral Home, we provide a Ceremonial Casket (Also known as a "Rental Casket") when a family is choosing to have a complete cremation with a traditional funeral ceremony before the cremation takes place. 

A rental casket is a wood or metal casket that has a removable interior. The removable interior is a cardboard alternative container that encases the body. The body never touches the actual casket, and the alternative container is easily removed after the service. The body can then be cremated in the simple cardboard container, and the funeral home can re-use the rental casket.

Rental Casket at Vilonia Funeral Home

Our Rental Casket

What Happens After Cremation?

Whether you have chosen a complete cremation, or a direct cremation with no services, you can be confident that before, during, and after the cremation, each person is cared for in a dignified and respectful manner. At our funeral home, It's not "Just A Cremation", it is a life that deserves to be honored. We pride ourselves in honoring your loved one, as our own. Every urn is nicely, and respectfully displayed at our funeral home on the day we return the remains back to you.

Display of Urn and flowers at Vilonia Funeral Home

Deceased Honored At Our Funeral Home

Our Cremation Options

Service Held Before Cremation

The Complete Cremation

The complete cremation is a 2-Day traditional Funeral Celebration that enables you to be able to have a public "open casket" gathering, and final celebration before the cremation takes place. The "open casket" viewing can be at our funeral home chapel or any other place that you may choose.

Affordable Cremation Faulkner County, AR

Honoring A Life Before Cremation

Service Held After Cremation

Cremation With A Memorial Service

Cremation With A Celebration Of Life Service is a cremation plan when the body is cremated prior to the memorial service. A Celebration of Life service, also known as a Final Celebration, or a memorial service, is similar to a funeral ceremony but without the presence of a casket. Most celebration of life services will display an urn, pictures, slideshows, memory tables, and memory boards. This enables you to be able to focus on the memories of the deceased and celebrate the life of your loved one. A Celebration of Life service can be held in our funeral home chapel, your church, in your home, nursing home, on the golf course, or any other place that you may choose.

Affordable Cremation Service In Faulkner County, AR

Honoring A Veteran After Cremation

Cremation With No Service

Direct Cremation

 A Direct Cremation is the basic and least expensive form of cremation offered through at Vilonia Funeral Home. A Direct Cremation consists of transfering your loved one into our care, filing the necessary documents, face to face arrangements, the cremation, cremation container, and a temporary urn. In addition, we offer a full line of metal urns, wood urns, companion urns, keepsakes and cremation jewelry.

Affordable Direct Cremation in Faulkner County, AR

Honoring Through Direct Cremation

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