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Area Cemeteries

Area Cemeteries

This page is designed as a resource to assist you in contacting a local cemetery in or near Vilonia, Arkansas. Because cemetery boards and caretakers can change from time to time, we can not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Please note, there are two types of cemeteries in the Vilonia area; those cemeteries are corporate cemeteries, and not for profit cemeteries (also known as community or family cemeteries).  If you find any information here is not accurate, has changed, or should be added or deleted because send us a email to mike@viloniafuneralhome.com. 

Vilonia, Arkansas Cemeteries

Beryl Cemetery – Buck Gunnett (501) 317-2097

Cypress Valley Cemetery – Gordon Higgins (501) 944-0716 

Mount Olive/Rocky Point Cemetery - Unknown 

Vilonia Cemetery - Freddie Fowlkes (501) 472-2359 

Liberty Community Cemeteries

Old Liberty Cemetery (Duncan) – Loyd Kelly (501) 514-5670 or (501) 796-2739 / Peggy Frances (501) 329-3015

New Liberty Cemetery – Tom Waller (501) 514-2139 

Saltillo Community Cemeteries

Oak Bowery Cemetery – Loyd Kelly (501) 514-5670 or (501) 796-2739 

Caney Cemetery - Betty Sue (501) 499-5505

Enola/Naylor Cemeteries

Brown Cemetery - Shelby Joshton (501) 849-2658

Hawthicket Cemetery - Jewell Casey (501) 849-2468

Heffington Cemetery - Buz Heffington (501) 849-2468

Marcus Hill Cemetery - Rick Ingram (501) 849-2085 or Weldon Ingram (501) 849-2498

Mormon Cemetery - Gaye Marrash (801) 935-4522

Mount Vernon Cemetery - Patsy Brewer (501) 849-2550

Naylor Cemetery - Francis Atkinson (501) 849-2332

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