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10 Things Your Funeral Director May Not Tell You


10 Things Your Funeral Director May Not Tell You

Published: December 29, 2017 by Vilonia Funeral Home

  1. Your Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan Can Be Used At Any Funeral Home.  Many people do not realize that a pre-arranged funeral plan can be used at any funeral home. In some cases it could save your family thousands of dollars to use someone else. Before you make a final decision, it is always a good idea to make sure that the funeral home you are going to use will honor the arrangement.

  2. You Don’t Have To Purchase Your Casket From Them.  Did you know that caskets at many local funeral homes are marked up 250%—300%? You can avoid these high prices by buying your casket from another funeral home and having it delivered to the funeral home making arrangements. It is against the law for the funeral home to refuse to accept a casket purchased elsewhere, and they cannot charge you a fee. You can also buy your casket from a casket store, as well as Wal-Mart, Costco, and online. You can also build your own casket. If you decide to build your own casket, Vilonia Funeral Home can assist you with the pertinent details.

  3. You Do Not Have To Be Embalmed Even If You Are Choosing Burial. Embalming is NOT required by law in the State of Arkansas. Whether you are choosing cremation or a direct burial plan, you can save your family thousands of dollars.

  4. You Do Not Have To Purchase A Vault. Many cemeteries do not require a vault or grave liner. If you want to save thousands, you have the right to choose other options.

  5. The Price Advertised May Not Be The Price You Pay. We are living in a world where there is a lot of noise from businesses wanting to earn your business. The Funeral Home business is no different. There are several funeral homes and cremation services advertising “LOW COST” and “AFFORDABLE PRICES,” but when the final contract is written, many realize that the price advertised did not include many necessary items. The price may not have included items like refrigeration, a casket, service items, and third-party charges such as newspaper notices, opening/closing of the grave, and even sales taxes. Before you pre-arrange or sign the final funeral bill make sure you understand and agree to all of the charges.

  6. The Funeral Home In Town May No Longer Be Family Owned. The Funeral Home your family has been using for years may no longer be owned by the family who advertises their name on the sign. Many families sell funeral homes to large stock held corporations. The staff change. The family you know and love are no longer there. The problem with many stock-held corporations is that their pricing structure is arranged to drive profits to their shareholders. When you choose a family owned funeral home, the prices will usually be lower, and they are more apt to work within your budget.

  7. “Protective” Caskets Or Caskets With A Gasket Do Not Stop Decomposition. Don’t be fooled into the high-pressured sales tactics of some funeral directors trying to sell you a higher dollar casket because it has a “gasket” or locking mechanism. The gasket or locking mechanism does nothing to stop decomposition. Make sure that if you choose one of these higher dollar caskets, it is because you prefer it over the other and not because you are being misled.

  8. There Could Be A Lower Cost Casket That Is Not Being Shown To You. Some funeral homes do not show the least expensive casket in their selection room. After considering all the options you have been shown, ask if they have other caskets that cost less than those that are being shown. In some cases, cremation caskets can be used for burial. They are built from material that costs less. Some funeral directors will not tell you about this unless you ask.

  9. It Is Not Necessary To Purchase A Casket For Cremation. All that is necessary for cremation is an alternative container. The alternative container is a cardboard container that will encase the body while entering the cremator, and during the cremation. The alternative container at Vilonia Funeral Home is already included in our low-priced cremation plans. If you are choosing to have a viewing or service prior to cremation, an alternative container suitable for viewing can be purchased for much less than the cost of a casket. At our funeral home, we offer a low-cost “Rental Casket” that many of our families use.

  10. A Low Cost, Affordable Funeral Home Can Save A Family Thousands And Offer The Same Identical Products And Services As The High Priced Conglomerates. Whether you want to have a funeral in your local church, or a simple direct cremation, don’t be fooled into thinking that the grass is greener and the service is better because of the higher prices. All affordable funeral homes travel to the same churches and cemeteries as the high-priced funeral homes do.

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